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All about staking Cardano

How to stake in Cardano?

Just open your wallet Daedalus or Yoroi, go to Delegation Center, search the stake pool
from the list and click “delegate”. You’ll find our stake pool under the ticker INDIE.

How much can I earn through staking? 

The rewards may vary because it depends on so many factors like stake pool performance,
number of blocks stake pool is observed to produce in a given epoch, and etc. You can use
official Cardano staking calculator to find out your estimate.

How do I get my rewards?

Your reward will appear automatically in your wallet after each Epoch(5 days). Reward
distribution is handled natively by the Cardano protocol and not something we have any
influence over. All rewards will be transferred to your real account on mainnet.

What happens with my ADA
after staking it? 

When staking, your ADA stays in your wallet, and nobody can access it (not even stake pool
But you can control it freely: un-delegate, spend and send your ADA at any time. 

Why Cardano encourages and
rewards staking? 

The Cardano network becomes more secure when there are more stake pools online producing blocks.
Rewards are given to encourage ADA holders to participate and secure the network.

How to choose the right stake pool? 

To choose a great stake pool you should ensure that stake pool has enough Cardano delegated
and is regularly minting blocks. Their performance is continuous, their fee is relevant for you and
to know on what they spend your fee. 

Our fee on 3.9% from the rewards is used to maintain and grow our staking infrastructure in order
to make it extremely resilient and available. As a software development company we will also use
these funds to provide tools and apps helping Cardano ecosystem.